Saturday, December 4, 2010

Astound yourself!

"If we all did the things we are capable of, we would astound ourselves."

Snow was in the forecast this weekend, and sure enough, we got hit in the middle of the night. This is the first official snowfall of the season and several inches of accumulation are predicted.
PERFECT excuse to stay in the warmth and coziness of my home and skip my yoga commitment, right?

I even surprised myself when I started getting dressed (in layers) to take another new class at the new studio this morning. And am I ever glad I did!
The class is called yoga sculpt: imagine a one hour vinyasa class in a heated room...with hand weights.
I ran into a friend in the locker room...nice surprise...and she raved about the class..she was absolutely right.!
I feel FABULOUS and ready to take on the world. Times like this make me wonder why I have such a hard time motivating myself to work out...

Here's what I think...

Just like any other habit, good or bad, falling off the exercise "wagon" was a gradual process. I have to remind myself that it's going to take time to form a new habit of working out and taking better care of my physical health. It will be helpful if I can also remind myself to be gentle with myself as I go through the process, celebrating my victories and showing up to try again when I slip up.

I am essentially in the process of clearing out the 'clutter' that is keeping me from reaching my goals: excuses, laziness, lack of motivation. All these things have kept me stuck and unable to move forward. I have reached a point where I am ready to make a change, and I am asking for help and support in reaching my goals. I am holding myself accountable by sharing the process with you all here in this blog.

"Clutter" can keep us stuck in many areas of our lives...not just in the physical realm, but also emotionally. Oftentimes, physical clutter is symbolic of inner turmoil or confusion or fear; holding on to items that no longer serve a positive purpose in our lives can simply be fear of letting go of the past in order to move into the unknown future. But the unknown, unsettling as it may be, is full of opportunities as well...and you'll never know what surprises are in store for you if you keep yourself tethered to the past.

So...what are you holding on to? What's keeping you stuck? What secret dream have you been holding on to? Isn't it about time to try it out?

Come on...take a chance...

astound yourself!


  1. Love this! Donate the clutter....your clutter can be someone's treasure. Holding on is like going back to the past, which is well to put it lightly, a trap. Take a deep breathe and hand it over and get ready for the new stuff to come on in. Step by step one day at a time, we make progress and before you know it, the new momentum has set in, hence, get your butt to yoga!

  2. Good for you baby! I'm proud of you!

  3. you guys ROCK!!!
    Thank you!