Friday, March 8, 2013

Choose again....

SOOO, this pretty much sums up MY week..

....and YOU??

Sometimes I wonder if I'm ever gonna get to the last layer of the proverbial onion. Seems like I've been peeling and peeling that damn thing forever...with no end in sight.

Emotions are funny things...I know that ridding myself of toxic and unhealthy emotional baggage is a process. Sometimes I feel like I've been running on the same rusty hamster wheel for several months now and I am ready to get ( and STAY) off!

I know from the work I'm doing that my ego is up to it's nasty old tricks again. In some ways, I could consider that good news, because the trickster would only be acting up if it felt threatened. That means that my commitment to choosing love over fear is shifting me in the right direction! Maybe I need to focus on that when I start feeling squirrel-y?

It's important for me to remember that it all comes down to choice...and when I am not happy with my choice, I can always make another one. I can "start my day over" any time, right?

I am so grateful for the opportunity to go deep and really explore some of the places that I've managed to keep hidden for most of my life. I realize that shining light on my dark places is the only way that I can start to eliminate them. 
I am especially grateful to be sharing this journey with people that I trust & who love me enough to support me through the messy bits.

Everything that happens to me is the best possible thing that can happen to me.~~~Chris Prentiss

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