Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Make room for....

...opportunity...change...growth...your life!

I am a professional organizer. I help people clear away clutter, purge excess "stuff", and devise a personalized system to make their home (or office) space work in an efficient manner. My intention is to carve out a peaceful and serene space in an otherwise hectic environment.
Clutter is more than an overabundance of possessions: clothes, books, papers. For some people, there are other implications: compulsive behavior, self-preservation, addiction. I make no claim to be a medical professional, but I have had experience with compulsive behaviors. I have found that over-spending and, in extreme cases, "hoarding", often mask a deeper issue. For some, surrounding themselves with "stuff" acts like a child's security blanket...it makes them feel safe. What I know is that without addressing the root cause, the compulsive behavior will continue, often manifesting in other ways.

I am a teeny bit controlling...ok, I admit it. I like pretty things and I like order. From time to time, I get a bee in my bonnet and need to reorganize my closets...sometimes in the middle of the night. Call me crazy, but I enjoy it. Why am I holding on to those pretty, 4" heels? I haven't worn shoes like that in years! What I have learned is that by releasing my grip on things that are no longer useful or relevant to my current situation, I make room for new things...literally and figuratively. The world opens up, bit by bit...

Try this...can you let go of one thing today? One book? One pair of shoes? One negative thought?
There...that wasn't so hard. Do you feel like you can breathe just a little easier?

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