Saturday, March 19, 2011

Break through....

"The flowers in the mountains have broken through the rocks" 

Wow! It's been awhile....and yet, surprisingly, I was at a loss when trying to decide the topic for today's post.
inspiration struck...
in the form of a Tennesee Williams quote (brilliant playwright, by the way...).

So, persistence is the topic du jour.
It's funny how some challenges respond better to forceful effort, while others respond better to the gentle, consistent kind. Strength is not always characterized by being the biggest, loudest, pushiest person in the room. Sometimes, true strength is measured by diligence and the ability to suit up and show up, day after day, despite the challenges with which one is faced.
The image that comes to mind is the majestic sight of the Grand Canyon. Although I have not yet had the opportunity to see it in person, I have been deeply moved by photographs taken by friends who have visited this marvelous place. 
Just think...a single drop of water from the Colorado River, millions of years ago, was the humble beginning of the monument that is visible today. I am in awe that, by the process of erosion, over time, water can wear away something as solid as a boulder. I use this as a motivational reminder when I find myself facing a challenge that seems that drop of water, if I show up consistently and do what is within my power to do, eventually that obstacle will be worn down.
I am often faced with similar situations with my clients: for example, the piles of clothing in their closets or paperwork on their desks has become overwhelming...they feel paralyzed and don't know where to begin. Often, when we begin to tackle the piles, it may not appear as though we are making first. Tackling clutter is a process and it requires patience and diligence, as most challenges do.  You have to weed through the items in order to determine what stays and what is no longer needed. There are no magic shortcuts to getting the job done.
But, once the process has begun, you are on your way and soon, you will find that we have eliminated the clutter that has been weighing you down and all the things you need are neatly stored and easily accessible. 
You have cleared the space and now have room to breathe!

So, just remember...
when you are faced with a challenge, just keep showing up and do what you can do, however small it may seem...
eventually you will break through!

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