Friday, October 1, 2010

"Keep some room in your heart for the unimaginable."

I am continually amazed by the notion that we are surrounded by miracles each and every day, if we are just willing to open our eyes to the possibility that they exist. I used to think that miracles only came in BIG packages: you know, the parting of the Red Sea, stuff like that.
What I have learned is that we are indeed surrounded by little, baby miracles each and every day...we just need to look for them.
Case in point: I have seen people make unbelievable changes in their lives, watched people survive tragic fact, I have had these things happen in my own life.

I often wonder how many little miracles I missed out on because I was looking for the ones with all the 'bells and whistles'? I have learned to appreciate the nuances of the miraculous...all the little subtle whispers that can slip by if you're not careful.
For me, gratitude is intrinsically connected to my ability to appreciate those little nuances. When I am truly grateful for my life as it is in this moment, somehow my vision changes. I have a clearer perspective on all the good that surrounds me.

There's a park not far from my home that is a favorite spot for all the nannies and dog owners in the neighborhood. Years ago, it used to be a favorite hang out for some unsavory characters. Now it is a lovely little haven in the middle of the city...beautifully landscaped, well even has a fountain!
When I am full of gratitude, walking through that park is blissful...when I'm not...well, let's just say, I am focusing on making my way around all the people who are "in my way".
For me, that's the miracle...same park, same people...but my attitude makes a world of difference on the way I experience them.

Have a fantastic weekend everyone...soak up all the miracles that surround you!


  1. Of course I know what park you're writing about. One of my favorite memories of that park is, while crossing through in a particularly mindful state, I saw a squirrel perched on the edge of a garbage can, eating an ice cream cone. He had apparently retrieved it right after it was tossed in. I remember thinking: "If I pay attention, I might see a squirrel eating an ice cream cone!" Thanks Maria, your writing is beautiful.

  2. Thank you Sharon!!!!
    I remember that story...

    Miss you!
    Welcome to Breathing Room!