Friday, January 21, 2011

Birds of a feather...

Today's message seems to concern the power of my thoughts. As I sit here, savoring my first cup of coffee and checking my email, I am struck by the similarities in the messages in my inbox: Law of Attraction, motivational affirmations, optimism vs. pessimism, happiness is 'contagious', etc.

I reflected on my own experiences...

As I have shared in earlier posts, I used to be a cynical, negative person. I focused on all the things that were going wrong in my life, how I was a victim of my circumstances, and all the conspiracy theories I could dream up to support the current state of my experience. No wonder I was miserable! I was looking at my world through defective 'glasses.' I was also surrounding myself with people who thought the same way that I did...misery loves company, right?

The 'silver lining' of a particularly difficult period in my life is that I learned that the way in which I view my world is up to me. I have a choice whether to focus on the positive or negative aspects of my life. For example, I can choose to complain about the bitter cold that we are experiencing in Chicago today, or I can choose to focus on the crystal blue, sunny skies outside my window and be grateful that I have a roof over my head, food in the refrigerator, and HEAT!

One of the articles I read this morning talked about how "the company you keep affects your perception of the world" (

What an interesting concept... 

This phenomenon has occurred several times in my life. Last summer, as I pursued a new leg on my spiritual path, I found myself encountering new, positive, inspirational people. It was remarkable! Within the course of a month, I had met 5 outstanding people who embodied outlooks that I wanted to emulate and I was excited to learn more...I wanted to soak up every drop of positive goodness that I felt when I was in their company.It was intoxicating...
This also helped me to reexamine some toxic, negative relationships that I was still hanging on to...the amazing thing is that those people started to choose other people to hang out with! Misery loves company, right?  

Choice is powerful and empowering.If you don't like your present state of mind, you can choose again. Choose responsibly,choose what feels right to you...but remember:
There is power in the collective nature of our thoughts...choose wisely!

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