Wednesday, July 3, 2013


“Life sneaks up on us every once in a while and gives us something we didn't ever know we wanted, and lights within us a love we didn't even know existed.”
― Shauna Niequist

That's how I would describe my current state of mind.

That's how I would describe my life.

Today was one of those days that filled my heart with joy and deepened my gratitude and appreciation for my life and the wonderful people in it.

Started my day on the mat. 
Beautiful way to start a special day.
Today was spent in the presence of a woman who is regarded as a living saint by many of her followers, and who radiates pure love. 
We went to participate in darshan with Amma, the Indian guru known as "The Hugging Saint".

What an amazing experience!

I attended this event, alone, last year, but sharing the experience with several ladies from the yoga studio made the experience richer and more special.
We were serenaded by Lakota Indians, Mexican dancers, and live Kirtan music, as we waited for our turn to receive a hug from Amma. We spent several hours soaking up the energy of this amazing woman. The love in that room was palpable!
Each beat of the drum resonated in my heart cavity and I felt the vibrations course throughout my body. I felt like I was coming back to life.

As I reflected on the experience this evening, I was struck by the timing: tomorrow is Independence Day. How appropriate!

Today is the day to break free from all the fear based thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from becoming who you were meant to be.
Today is the day to choose love.
Sure, you won't do it perfectly, but you can be a little better than you were yesterday. 
As a wise woman once told me, "Trying is doing."

And if that's not a reason to celebrate, I don't know what it!

Choose Love.
Celebrate Life.


For more information about Amma, click here:

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